April Goals

Aww! Bunny!

The 58 inches (seriously) of snow is finally gone & green grass is starting to grow! Yay! Spring! This past winter was a bitch & a half. I’m glad it’s done.

Today is a typical April day here in the Midwest – a little cooler, rainy, & I’m just blissed out. I love the rain. Soothes the soul.  ❤

– A snapshot –

MENTAL: 8 → 9
CAREER: 7 → 8
FINANCIAL: 7 → 7 (maintaining until I’m full-time)

– The details –


  • I’m doing really good with this. I’ve been keeping things simple & working on my own personal beliefs. I find myself annoyed at Christians a lot. I’m not sure if that’s a rebellious trait or if they’re that irritating. Both? 😉
  • I’m in a good place with this so I think I’ll drop it off next month.
  • GOAL: To continue going to Temple & have a kick-ass Pesach this year. I’d like to make a nice seder this year so we’ll see!


  • I feel like this area will never be 100% & you know what? I’m okay with that. I’m gonna have low days & times when I feel like I’m crawling to the finish line.
  • Since this is a constant issue, as you know, I’m gonna drop it from my monthly goals. Day by day, fam.
  • GOAL: To keep doing what I’m doing – the best I can with no judgment. 🙂


  • I think I’m “okay” with this. I’m not where I want to be (obviously) but I’m on the right track. I’m just impatient. Dr. G constantly side-eyes me on it. 😉
  • GOAL: Baby steps, SC. Baby steps.


  • This is in a really good area right now. Sometimes it still feels like a dream. For the first time (ever?), I’m really happy with my jobs.
  • GOAL: To focus on being the best I can be at work. Raise the bar/barre & such. 😉 (Dance joke)


  • Slowly but surely I’m getting there. I’m hoping for starting full-time hours this week (next week at the latest) so that will help out a lot. I’ll have some breathing room again & I can pay some of this shit off.
  • GOAL: Don’t give up. You’re almost there. Go forward.


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