Why are you here?

Good question. I ask myself that a lot. 😉

I’m here to get all of the noise out of my head while working on myself & trying to be the best version of me I can be. I’m a work in progress but I’m still here.

What mental illness do you struggle with?

Officially, anxiety, depression, & OCD. I do battle with ED (binge eating) & maybe a mild version of schizophrenia but we haven’t really gotten into that with therapy.

I had a fucked up childhood so I’m sure I got a few other issues in my noggin.

Where do you live?

Midwest (USA).

What’s up with the initials or aliases?

Privacy. That’s all. 🙂

But I know you personally. How come you don’t mention people directly or other family members?

Again, privacy. This blog is for me to work through things. It’s not about them.

Does your extended family know about this blog?

Outside of my kick-ass cousins, nope. I don’t need to deal with that drama on top of everything else. They are the exception because we all think alike & they’ve been more than loving & supportive.

What about your significant other?

Of course. 🙂

Sometimes your posts really scare me. What’s going on?

I’m fighting against mental illness & a skewed belief system that was forced down my throat as a kid. Some days I win; other days I don’t. But I get it out here versus taking it out on myself (physically or mentally). I have made happier posts. Read those instead. 🙂

How come some of your posts are password protected?

If they are particularly painful, upon the advice of my therapist, they’re protected. Nine times out of ten, it was a rough day & I just needed to get it out.

Can I share my blog with you?

Of course! Send it on over! 🙂

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