Micro-Journaling: Day 3


Waiting at the doctor’s. Nothing quite pisses me off like waiting on others. My time is valuable. If they can cancel on me for being 10 minutes late, why can’t I cancel on them?

Dammit. I forgot my ear buds. I was gonna listen to audible or calming music to keep me in control. Being forced to wait around obnoxious people is very triggering. I can tell I’m getting upset. I’m rubbing my hands which, yes, is a compulsion.

Time for some grounding techniques.

I can see the shitty patch job on the wall, the scuff marks on the baseboard, the sun through the window, the faded medical sign in the room, & the container for used syringes.

I can hear the cars outside, nurses talking in the hall, someone’s phone going off, the crinkle of the waiting chair, & my stomach growling. I’m getting hungry.

I can feel the back of my chair, my arm on the cool arm rest, my cold toes, my empty stomach, & my phone in my hand.

35 minutes later, doc shows up. I’m annoyed

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