Micro-Journaling: Day 4

Well, today was the tipping point. I decided to put my notice in tomorrow. I was gonna try to wait until next Friday so that I had another week of pay but this is such horseshit. My managers have ALL unfriended me on social media & refused to have acknowledged my presence. I haven’t talked to them in at least 5 weeks. How can you manage someone you don’t talk to? Fuck me, right?

It’s not even the social media part that really bothers me. It’s the fact they have straight-up stone-walled me with any information to do my job. They have cut me off without actually firing me. It’s just ridiculous.

I’m a great worker. I get incredible results. I’m just not “new & shiny” nor am I their “best friend” so they’re pushing me out. HR hasn’t done shit & I’m just ready to be done.

Fuck them all.

So we’ll see what happens tomorrow. It might be my last day or they might let me work my notice. Regardless, I’m ready. I deserve better.

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