♪ I will get back up again! ♪

Today’s post won’t be very long but that’s okay. This is just a fun, little tidbit. A happy milestone. 🙂

So remember how I said I wanted to exercise every day? I was completely worn out yesterday so it didn’t happen (it’s been a crazy week with Job #1). I could’ve gotten into my head about it. Actually, for the first few seconds, I was.

But then, I heard Dr. G’s calming, reassuring voice, “We’re human. It’s okay.” It’s okay to take time to rest instead of pushing myself when my body is already exhausted. It’s okay to give yourself permission to say “no” (or “yes”). It’s okay to feel like I need to start over every day. IT’S OKAY. And I went to the gym today so I’m already on the right track!

In words of Poppy, “I will get back up again!” ❤

And because it’s Wednesday & this makes me wanna stand up & scream, “YASSSS!”

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