October Goals

I mentioned a few weeks ago how I was ready to set up & smash some goals. Staying with that theme, here are my goals for October.

– A snapshot –

MENTAL: 4 → 5
SOCIAL: 4 → 7
CAREER: 7 → 8
FAMILY: 7 → 8

– The details –


  • I’m really happy at my Temple. I look forward to going all week & I have beautiful Hebrew songs in my head. It’s just lovely. 😍  I even got to shake the lulav & etrog on Saturday for Sukkot! I want to learn more & really immerse myself but I’m not sure how without overwhelming myself & getting freaked out. “All or nothing,” y’know?
  • GOAL: To email my rabbis & get their insight. Maybe they have a good suggestion of something I’m not thinking of…


  • 1) I’m feeling much better with this one. Outside of the panic attack the other day, I’m doing pretty good. I’m still finding myself struggling in a few areas (namely with concentration) but I have an appointment with Dr. H next week about that. We’ll see if it improves any from now until then. 2) I only read 1 of the 2 books I wanted to read last month. So I wanna get back on track. 3) I’m tired of being tired. I need a set bedtime. 😴
  • GOAL: 1) To talk to Dr. H about any adjustments I need to make. I can tell I’m on the right path. Now we just have to get the dosage right. 2) To read more. I have about 3 books I want to read right now lol. I need to set time up to do so. 3) To get ready & prepare for bed earlier so that I’m in bed by midnight.


  • 1) I’m down around 20 lbs (!) & my clothes are fitting better. I say “around” because it fluctuates a bit. I’ve been lifting & I’m ready to add more. 2) I keep hearing about little 30-day health challenges so I’m gonna try one. Wish me luck!
  • GOAL: 1) To do something active every day – weights, yoga, dance, whatever. Something to get moving. 2) No added sugar. I don’t eat a lot of sugar anyway because it doesn’t sit with me. But I am curious if I stay tight with it if that would help my concentration. Worth a shot, right?


  • Things are going well. I do feel like I’ve been so focused on BF that I’ve neglected others. I don’t like that so I’m gonna fix it. :/
  • GOAL: To schedule time with those who are near & dear to me. I don’t want to be too busy so I might have to break this up over a few months. Nothing against them. I enjoy my alone time. 🙂


  • I’ve been hesitant to finish the necessary paperwork for Job #3. I feel unqualified which is ridiculous because I wouldn’t have the job if that was true.
  • GOAL: To finish all paperwork & move forward. I can do this.


  • So I’ve been resetting my budget & working on using what I have in my home first. That’s all well & good but I need to work on these debts.
  • GOAL: To pay off Amazon & throw $200 at TJ Maxx. Blecch. Go away.


  • Things are off to a good start. These last 2 or so weeks have been headed to the right direction. Now, it’s time to perfect it.
  • GOAL: To spend 20 minutes a day taking care of the house before I go to bed.



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