*blows nose*

I noticed Sunday evening that my throat was starting to hurt. By lunchtime on Monday, I was blowing my nose. And today? Today, I feel like a truck hit me.


I’m loaded up on meds & I’m still a stuffy, snotty mess. I did call & reschedule my therapy sessions for both today & tomorrow.

Ugh. I don’t have time to be sick. I started teaching this week (& it was wonderful!) & I have classes on Thursday. Things are supposed to be going up!

I’m currently at the table with a bowl of my favorite chicken and rice soup from a local restaurant. Next to that is a large glass of tea and a box of tissues. I look and feel miserable.

But even with all of that, my beloved still gave me a hug and sweet kiss on the forehead. Sigh. It really is the little things that make my day. ❤️

It’s nice to know when my head feels so stuffy and full that it could pop right off, I’m still loved. I, by no means, look cute or sexy today. But he doesn’t care. He still loves me.

In some weird way, it gives me hope. Like I’m starting to realize I’m not completely alone in this journey. I don’t have to be all perfect and put together. I can just be my broken self and that’s okay. Just as long as I keep moving. I’ve entrusted my heart to him and he’s kept it safe. It’s gonna be okay.

So maybe there is hope for me after all… ❤️

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