♪ Hey Jealousy! ♪

Ah, yes. Jealousy. Such a motherfucker. Grass is greener-itis. What they have is better than what I have.

I wish I had her stomach & thighs & OMG that ass you can bounce a quarter off of.

I wish I could be that carefree & let issues roll off my back.

I wish they would recognize me. Am I a ghost?

I wish…I wish…I wish *cue Skee-lo, am I right? *

I had a thought the other day. While I’m being envious of others of what I don’t have or how I’m not wired, I realized that others are just as jealous of me. We live in a comparison society, which is just ridiculous when you really think about it. Nobody is perfect in any way. We all have our flaws as well as our own strengths. Life would be dull if we were all perfect. It’s through our imperfections where we really shine. How you handle those weaknesses is what others notice & inspires them to do & be better.

So yeah, maybe you can’t bounce a quarter off my ass right now but I have amazing, thick, naturally curly hair. A true brunette, my dark hair will hold romantic curls for hours & even days. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

And no, I’m not carefree because I’m deeply passionate. I care wholeheartedly about others. I will stand next to you & fight for you. When you hurt, I hurt. I want you to succeed more than you’ll ever know.

And some people are just self-absorbed assholes. I’m not gonna sing & dance to get your attention. It’s not who I am. Even in the middle of my darkest hour, I won’t do it.

Side note: And if you see others around you suffering & you don’t do anything to help, you are one of those assholes. It literally takes 15 seconds to send someone a message & let them know you’re thinking about them. You have no idea of the impact that will make on their lives. 

Again, I’m not perfect. I have a long journey ahead of me. There are PLENTY of people & things that I’m jealous over. But instead of comparing myself to them, I’m trying to retrain my brain to point out my good features instead. I don’t always succeed but I’ve definitely gotten better.

It reminds me of what Chris Cornell (RIP) said, “The grass is greener where the dogs are shitting.” 😉


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