You know I’m working on me. And not just physically, but also mentally, spiritually, emotionally, & socially. How can I be the best version of SC? What does she look like? How does she act? Is she kind? Does she radiate love? So on & so on…

Rather than comparing myself to others or feeling defeated about not being who I think I should be, I’m redirecting my attention to a positive aspect I feel I’ve mastered. A unique strength which makes me, well, me. Something that sets me apart from the rest. I believe I have several distinctive traits but for today, I’m going to talk about my compassion for others.

I’ve always had a heart for others. When I was young, some exploited it for their benefit & in my naivety, I didn’t realize it. However, their foolish attempts would backfire on them. It just made my heart grow bigger for those who tried to hurt me. ❤

I remember being a little girl in Alaska. I was 3 & I would play with stuffed animals, with some local kids, & with my Fisher-Price tea set. One day, a friend came over to play. I gave her the best teacup I had with the best saucer. I invited her to sit in the sun’s rays by the window. Opening my Care Bears curtains made it the best seat in my room. 🙂 I wanted her to have a lovely experience.

A few years later, I was in my childhood home here in the Midwest. I remember the first time I listened to a local radio spot about missions. Up until then, I knew other countries needed help but I had figured that was a world away. I always heard about Africa & its struggling poor, much like every other kid has. “Eat your dinner! They are starving kids in Africa!”

But this was the first I heard there were starving kids in MY city. I ran into my secret room in the house & I wept. I was so brokenhearted to know there were starving kids 10 miles away, not only 10,000 miles away. Through my tears, I gathered up bag after bag of beloved toys to give to other kids. I wanted to give my best. To this day, my heart is still tender to those less fortunate than myself.

During my schooling, I wanted to friend the outcast. I had been friendless & no one should ever feel that emptiness. As an introvert, I would take a brave step & try to talk to the shy kid in the corner who no one spoke to. I discovered those who seemed the happiest & most pulled together in life were often the most broken & vulnerable.

Fast forward to my adulthood & not much has changed. Every month, I donate items to Goodwill, make some kind of treats for my coworkers or friends, overtip my server, give to St. Jude’s, & do my best to be kind to everyone I meet. I guess you could call it my tzedakah but I don’t give out of obligation. I give out of my empathy for others.

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