Micro-Journaling: Day 0

Oh hello 🙂

I watched this YouTube video by Struthless which was just exactly what I needed. I mean, as you know (from here & here), I’ve been stepping back from making myself too accessible to others. People take advantage & I’ve been drained & unable to recharge.

I’ve been like this for years. Ugh. No more.

Anyways, I watched this video & it was perfect. I was looking for a way to step back from social media to focus on me but I didn’t know how to do it. Like the rest of the world, I use my phone all the time & I’m SURE a giant step back would benefit my mind & my soul.

So in case you’re in a different region from me in the States & you’re unable to watch it, Campbell talks about his addiction to social media & how to went on to break it. Instead of unlocking his phone to look at social media, he opened up the notes app & wrote a line or two about what he was feeling.

And that’s it. You’re not writing a book – just a few notes on what you’re thinking or feeling to replace the bad habit of staring at your phone or wondering what the world is doing or feeling about you, & so on.

He recommended removing apps from your phone & only redownloading them to post (he’s a business owner) but just the idea of that sounds hella draining to me. I’d rather come up with my own system. Also, he did it for a year. I don’t know how long I’ll do it. As long as I feel like it keeps benefiting me?

I’m a die-hard rule follower, so I made myself some rules to stick with for this journey.

  1. I downloaded an app that keeps track of your social media & let’s you know how much time you’re spending on it all day. I don’t have a baseline yet as I downloaded it over lunch today. I figured I would just keep an eye on it for a few days & then see what my average is. From there, I’ll cut it back. For example, 30 minutes a day max for the devil apps.
  2. Instead of using a notes app, I’ll write here. They’ll be more simple but more honest. I won’t be posting these links on social media (obvi) so you’ll need to be on the email list to get a copy of them. 🙂 Shameless plug? Maaaaybe.
  3. I’m going for 75% of the time. I’m sure I won’t be able to post every day & some days might be a struggle & I’m stuck down the Tik Tok rabbit hole. Whatever. I’m human & I’m trying to learn to be okay with failure…

…it’s a process, for sure.

So yeah. That’s what I’m thinking. You’ll get a deeper look into my psyche but it’s something that I’m hoping will help me (& you) grow. 🙂

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