Short stories – Vol 2

Let’s jump right into it…


Special thank you to a family member who had COVID, didn’t disclose this information or take any precautions, & spent all afternoon with me. They were coughing & sneezing & said, “It was just the end of a cold” when it clearly wasn’t the end or a cold. No mask, no social distancing, nothing.

So I got COVID. I’m vaxxed but not boosted & it hit me like a fucking train. I can’t imagine if I didn’t have any vaccinations how intense it would be. Literal hell on earth.

I’ve never had a sore throat that bad (& I used to get strep all the time). My throat was completely swollen. It hurt to swallow saliva let alone any meds. My pharynx looked like it would close up if it weren’t for the bloody scratches that ran vertically down them. My tonsils were puffy, everything was red & bloody, & I was just in a shitload of pain. Oh yeah, this is on top of body aches, chills, night sweats, dry coughs, & the occasional stuffy nose.

But don’t you worry. According to the family member that got me sick, “I’ll be okay & develop an immunity.”

I can’t even get into how selfish & ignorant that is.

This hit me hard & fast & lasted just over 2 weeks (COVID symptoms like to linger). All I could think was, “There have been 800k people who weren’t okay & didn’t develop an immunity.” Omnicron is supposed to be “mild” in the sense that you won’t necessarily be hospitalized. But, holy fuck. I’ve never been that miserable. Stomach flu, when you don’t know which end, is a close second but that only lasts a day or so. This was about 4-5 days of constant aches & pain with no relief.

So yeah. Wear a mask, get vaccinated, & stop being a selfish prick.


HR sent me an email about 3 weeks ago. “Congratulations! Company has decided to give you a raise effective immediately!” Huh, well, it is January so maybe it’s a cost of living raise. I asked my work bestie & she didn’t hear anything from HR. It’s not my workiversary so it’s not that, either. Then I did the math.

Most raises are within 2-3%, right? Something like that to cover inflation & such. This was a 5% raise. I didn’t get a fancy title, more responsibility, or even hear a word from my superiors. The only one who said anything was HR.

I immediately wrote them back & thanked them for the wonderful surprise. I asked who submitted me for a raise so I could personally thank them. They never replied.

I swear, the mixed signals I get are just the worst. I feel like I’m in high school again.

Until next time…

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