Joint pain

I had my bi-weekly massage last night. I knew my hips have been screaming more & I think it’s because of my ankle/Achilles. Like I’ve been walking with a limp so I can only imagine how that hip is trying to cope.

Anyways, I told my massage therapist about my foot. I told her how I fell & how I’ve been doing my version of cryotherapy. I told her how I thought it was my ankle, but as swelling & discoloration has gone down, the pain is localized now & it’s clearly my Achilles. I work at a desk so I’m able to keep it elevated with an ice pack on all day. It’s down to the size of a thumb print of pain, which is great.

So I’m telling her all of this & I’m pretty proud of myself. Like I’m doing everything I should do & she’s in the medical field (ish) & she’s agreeing with everything I’m saying. Then she says something that has just hit me harder than I thought:

“You get injured a lot.” Um what? I don’t think I do… but do I?

So I’m on the table & my mind is whirling around. What are my injuries? When was the last time she had to go easy on me? She knows about my hips & knees so is that what she’s referring to?

I came to the conclusion that it all stems back to my * joints. They’re either fucked or incredibly weak. Or both. That is a real possibility for me. Genetics & all.

I also decided to switch up a few things to see if that helps with my joints. Things like food choices, adding in more water, & low impact once my shit stops breaking. 😉

Ugh. I’ll be honest. I’m a little offended & discouraged. This isn’t where I pictured I would be at 38. 😦

* And ligaments & tendons & tissues – but I’m gonna use the generic “joints” to cover anything not muscular since I don’t know what exactly is the culprit. I don’t need doctors, nurses, & the like to @ me. 😉

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