August 2021 Goals

So I’ve kinda gone through some friendship shit lately. People who claim they love you then tell you they no longer do. People who say they’re always there but haven’t talked to you in months. You know the type. A few of these have ran & jumped off the ship lately. It’s interesting because I’m just watching them & going, “Huh.” I mean, it sucks, it hurts, & I’m not a fan at all, but I’m using what I’ve been taught in therapy to cope.

In short, I’m focusing on what I can control.

MB sent me this awesome video. I’ve sent it to several people as I found it so good & helpful. In this video, Campbell/Struthless talks about going after your passions. He explains how to take a month to pursue an interest & see how you feel afterwards. If it enriches your life, awesome, keep going. If it’s stressful or unfulfilling, release it & move on. Watch the video as he explains it really well & uses nifty animations.

There are several areas that I’d like to pursue & see if it’s something I’m passionate about or something I really enjoy so this is the start of a new beginning for me. I’m going to cover several different areas in my life to make myself more knowledgeable, more well-rounded, & more happy. 🙂

I was already thinking of applying his challenge/setting monthly goals, but after this clusterfuck? GURL. I’m ready to pour myself into a new project since I was clearly wasting time on those who wouldn’t do the same for me.

Quick side note: I don’t agree with the belief that’s been swirling around that you can ignore someone for months & then talk to them like normal because that’s how you do friendship. That’s lazy, uninspired, & overall shitty behavior. In no other situation can you actively ignore other members & expect positive results. The relationship is going to naturally deteriorate because you don’t want to cultivate it. Be better than that.

Moving on…

So I was originally planning on using the month of August to go back to the gym. I’ve made great progress mentally & recently unlocked a reason why I binge (it’ll be a future post) so I’m feeling really good.

And then last night happened.

Last night, I misstepped & rolled my ankle. It’s not a bad sprain but I can’t put weight on it. So I really shouldn’t lift weights is my thinking. 😉 I was also playing with the idea of pouring myself into dance to really prepare for the fall. Again, that’s out for this month as well.

So what can I do? Do I wait until September? Hell no. I just choose something else from the list that doesn’t require anything physical on my part so my ankle can rest & recover. And because I’m very methodical, I’ll list it out as so since that’s how my mind works. This isn’t part of his challenge. This is all me. Do what works best for you.

– blog daily
– pursue my Jewish beliefs & interests

– writing out my thoughts to help my overall mental health
– rejoining the daily minyan (morning prayers) & finishing my conversion requirements

– mental & psychological health
– spiritual health

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