10 things I no longer do or buy – Part 2

I wrote the original list here & I was thinking that it was time for an updated list. I mean, it has been a year & I think quarantine has shifted everyone’s priorities. I think we all have realized what we can live without & what is truly important to us. For me, I learned there are several physical/tangible/materialistic things I don’t bother with anymore. A global pandemic will do that. πŸ˜‰

Let’s jump right in. Here are 10 additional things I no longer do or buy:

1) Manicures

Some of my favorite new nail products are around $8 total (at the most) & lasts me about a week. Manicures are around $35 & lasts maybe 2 weeks. For me, it’s a matter of simple math & time.

Average monthly savings: $70

2) Cable TV

Seriously, it’s 2021. Anything you could want to watch is streaming somewhere. Save yourself the cash.

Average monthly savings: $50
Total: $120

3) CDs & DVDs

Again, with all the streaming services that are available, I can’t remember the last time I bought a CD or DVD.

Average monthly savings: $20
Total: $140

4) Magazines

I used to get Real Simple, a few dance magazines, & years ago, something fun & trashy like Cosmo or People. Now? I might skip through one at the doctor’s but that’s it. Besides, if I REALLY wanted to read something, my local library has it for free.

Average monthly savings: $10
Total: $150

5) Books I’ll only read once

My only exception to this rule are the books I’m buying for my conversion. Just like an academic class, these are required so I’ll keep them for now. I did take a giant stack to Half Price Books & made around $40. Easy money for books I won’t read again for whatever reason.

Average monthly savings: $15
Total: $165

6) Multiple streaming services

I use Netflix & Prime. Maybe once a year, I’ll get Hulu for a month to watch specific shows but that’s it. My SO just got HBO Max to watch some show. Again, I’m sure it’ll be canceled here shortly. Who has time to watch TV for hours on end? Blecch.

Average monthly savings: $20
Total: $185

7) Choosing the wrong battle

Some shit really doesn’t matter. And while I haven’t mastered this yet, I am working on choosing my battles especially with work & my relationships. It’s easy for me to get bogged down by the pesky details (thanks, OCD) but it’s something I’ve been making great strides in. πŸ™‚

Average monthly savings: hours of sanity & peace. Can you put a price on that?
Total: $185+

8) Not taking care of my sleep schedule

I’ve been tracking my sleep for about a month now & I’ve got a pretty good idea of what I need. The last few days have been absolute shit so I’ve been working on having a relaxing evening so that I can fully rest. Ain’t no shame in my sleep game. πŸ˜‰

Average monthly savings: Umm…beauty rest?
Total: $185+

9) Going to bed with any messes

Again, this isn’t something I’m 100% perfect on but I got it down like 90ish% of the time. Before I go to bed, I spend 20-30 minutes picking up my house, starting a load of laundry, running the dishwasher, & getting everything shut down. It makes a huge difference in the morning. Try it.

Average monthly savings: untold amounts of stress being saved!
Total: $185+

10) Being afraid to ask for a refund

I guess I was afraid I would hurt someone’s feelings or something. Like some random person at Amazon would be like, “UGH. This chick again.” But if I bought something & I’m not crazy about it, I know me. I’ll never use it, wear it, watch it, or whatever. It becomes clutter. I recently returned a pair of pants because the color was lighter than I thought. It was weird to return an item for a superficial detail like that but I learned that it’s okay. No one is judging me so I really shouldn’t judge myself.

Average monthly savings: $30
Total: $215+

$2500 a year in savings just from making small changes. What could you cut out & what benefits would you see? Maybe not financial but mental, spiritual, or physical. Anything that helps you to be a better person is always worth it. πŸ™‚

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