My universal perspective

If you’re anything like me, sometimes I get wrapped up in my own thoughts & fears. I tend to look at the problem from every direction & to do my best to solve it as quickly, as effectively, & as painless as possible. But while I’m focused on whatever issue at hand, I tend to block everything else out. Tunnel vision can be great, sure, but I think in my case, it can send me down a dark path. Knowing how I get, I’m trying to catch it early & counter it.

So how do I do that? I try to look at things from an astronomical perspective.

The last few nights I’ve taken out the trash, I’ve noticed just how beautiful Mars really is. The evenings have been cool & clear & all my astronomical loves are in full view. Saturn & Jupiter are faint but I know they’re there. Sometimes I can make them out.

But I try to take a moment to focus on the bigger picture. And in my case, that means focusing on our great, big universe. Nature helps realign my emotions & perspective, yes, but it also helps me realize just how vast it all really is. It’s been going on & on for millennia upon millennia & it’s still strong. If some giant ball of gas can survive in space, I think my problem is solvable.

Yeah, I’ll still worry, freak out, & do my best to control it. I’m human. But I also try to remember that it’s gonna work out & it’s gonna be okay. Even if it’s not the result I want, Orion will still dance across the night sky & I’ll still get Pegasus & the Big Dipper mixed up. 🙂

It’s gonna be okay.

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