So I got fired…

This week has been in-fucking-sane. Every day, there’s been something new – either awesome or incredibly shitty. It’s Friday the 13th (my fave!) & I couldn’t enjoy it. Ugh. Okay, onto my story:

Yeah. So that happened on Monday…

I could spend hours telling you all the shitty things Boss #1 did, how much I hated Job #1, & how miserable I’ve been. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it a few times. So to use a phrase I hate, I’m sure this is a “blessing in disguise.”

Instead, I’ll just give you the truth as clean & concise as I can: it’s a combo of 3 things.

1) His wife hates me.

I’ve worked for this company for 9 years. NINE YEARS. Boss got remarried to Wife #3 (her 4th) probably around 6-7 years ago. It’s safe to say that between the both of them & 7 marriages, I’d venture to guess they’re not good with relationships.

Anyways, she’s been threatened by me from Day 1. No idea why but that tends to be my MO so whatevs. She pulls a nice “paycheck,” spends the company money like water, & gets DUIs during the day. Really classy lady. Since I do the books, I’m fully aware of all of this & watch gobs & gobs of money disappear so she can go on vacation to Mexico, get botox, or buy some new clothes. Not random examples. That all happened. For 6-7 years.

With me so far?

So Boss writes me back (see the next point for details) & makes a few comments about how “he’s been pressured at home to let me go” & how “his wife feels like I haven’t respected her as my superior.” To be clear, she isn’t my superior. She’s my superior’s wife. Big difference. But Princess isn’t a fan & knows I’ve been calling out her erratic spending so I gots to go.

2) He refuses to pay me what I’m worth.

I’m not gonna spend a lot of time on this one as it’s bothered me deeply for years. After 9 years, I told him I was fed up of being constantly pushed aside every time I’ve asked for a raise. I’ve only received one. ONE RAISE in 9 years. And it wasn’t significant at all & didn’t cover the cost of living. So when I brought it up again in October & he told me he would answer me in November (& didn’t), I was over it. I wasn’t rude but factual & presented my case. I asked for what was LESS than I could find anywhere else doing just one job (quick reminder: I’ve been doing two people’s jobs but being paid for one).

He spent about 3-4 pages ripping into my character, spewing all kinds of bullshit. My guess is Princess was there with him & that’s why. He blamed me for shit I didn’t do (shocker, Princess did) & accused me of “lacking humility & having a sense of entitlement.” Bitch, paying me what you promised isn’t a sense of entitlement. It’s holding you to your word. He went on & on about how he doesn’t need to pay more (ok, boomer) & said I “wasn’t being grateful” & that I was being “greedy.”

I know. I can’t even get into it.

I could’ve replied pointing out every error line by line because I have the receipts that prove otherwise. But fuck it. Not worth my time.

Oh, & in the midst of all of this, he tells me that he hired some grandma to work for him & after firing me, he tells me to do a bunch of training & transitioning for the next two weeks for the new poor soul & “he’ll think about giving me a recommendation.”

I didn’t even touch on the whole, “You can’t fire me & then give me two weeks, fucker.”


3) His books are so fucked because it’s full of illegal shit.

Yes, I did the books. Yes, I tried to fix them. Yes, I tried to talk to him about it. Yes, he went behind my back & changed everything. Even the CPA was like, “Dafuq?” My name isn’t on his fuck ups. This is all him. Shit like, you can’t pull thousands of dollars a week in cash to use for personal expenses & claim unemployment. You also can’t use it to pay employees under the table. Yes, he will be fined or arrested one of these days because that’s fraud.

I knew I was getting too close to the fire & I would be burned. I was looking for another job & I wanted to go out on my terms. Didn’t so much happen but at least I’m not caught up in his insecure, hypocritical, illegal-as-fuck drama. 😉

With applying for new jobs, it’s kinda funny because they’ll ask, “Why did you leave your current job?” And I’m just honest. I don’t tell them all of this because, good God, no. But I do tell them that Former Boss #1 was getting into illegal & unethical practices & I don’t want to be a part of it.

So yeah. It’s been a week.


I’ve been applying to anything finance-related that I know I would kick so much ass in. In the past 3 days, I’ve applied for 15 jobs. I didn’t do any today as it’s been a low, low day.

I’m trying to stay positive but it’s hitting me hard as anxiety has been settling in. Between being down this income & COVID-19 shutting everything else down, I’m freaking out financially. What if it takes too long to get a job? What if I hate it? What if I get a job but I can’t start for another month or two because of COVID-19?


That’s been my world. A Jew freaking out about money. There’s your comic relief. 😉

I’ve been jamming out with 90s-00s rap while cleaning my house, running errands, etc. It’s been keeping me in good spirits when everything is crumbling around me.

I literally look like this. No shame.

There’s more about my week I wanna tell you but I’ll get into it later. Just rehashing all of this is emotionally draining.

I’m gonna find something better that makes me happy & pays me what I’m worth. And with no jealous wives who are desperately hanging on to their youth. 😉


14 Replies to “So I got fired…”

  1. I recently went through a similar situation and you’re right. It allowed you to be released from the toxins that have plagued you for 9 years. Remember the lessons you’ve learned because what you really want hasn’t come yet and this was just preparing you for your best self.


      1. We all need a little reminder. Especially, when we are looking at our own reflections of judgement. Good riddance and congrats on moving onto bigger and better things.


      2. Ifithelps this happened time mid-January. I haven’t looked for a job and now look what’s happening. However, I chose this because I am seeking an opportunity I saw so I don’t continue to be miserable in the work place.


  2. Sweet friend this is only the darkness before the dawn and you will rise like the Phoenix!!!! I will keep my eyes open for you!!!!


  3. I love your writing style: it’s honest and fun. Having been fired myself,I feel for you, but honestly, with what you described, good riddance! These people suck ! You have great personality, you’ll find something better in no time!
    I actually wrote about my experience getting fired. Like you, I was angry, + a lot of other emotions. I’m curious to see if you would relate to my story too 🙂 check it out if you like!



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