You did it

In one of my favorite comics, Introvert Doodles, she wrote about this eye-opening reward system:


I immediately was like, “OMG. Sign me up!” I hopped on over to a design site & created my own. Don’t worry – these are for me & I don’t plan on selling any of them. 🙂 I’m not about to still someone’s thunder. In the words of Moira, an artistic cradle robber, I am not!

They finally arrived a few days ago & I’m already up to 6 punches. To me, it’s a reward system in & of itself (intrinsic & extrinsic!). It gives me the physical representation that, yes, I am kicking ass & taking names even on days when I don’t feel it. I don’t use it for basic items on my to-do list. But if something is challenging & I force myself to push on, I get a punch. It’s a great motivator for me so I’m gonna keep it going.

I was going to set up a special reward for when I get 10 punches but I haven’t quite figured out what. Maybe an extra massage? Or permission to get myself a yummy cookie? Or something cheap on my wish list?

Hmm… I’m not sure yet but I know it’ll be well-deserved. 🙂


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