One of my besties & I have this joke. We call when we’re awake all day with no naps an “all-dayer.” Like the opposite of an “all-nighter.” We tease about it – “Man, I’m so tired. I pulled an all-dayer.” 😉

In all seriousness, I’ve learned recently to listen to my body more & to give it what it needs. Instead of trying to force it to do something I’m not wired to do & running into problem after problem, I thought it would be smart to take a step back & see what I need.

I’ve always been one to need more sleep than the average person. They say the average is around 7-8 hours of sleep a night. I’m more like 8-9. Ideally, closer to 9 than 8. 😉 In a perfect world, I would nap for about 2 hours every day followed by a tight 8 hours at night.


Of course, I don’t live in Spain so siestas aren’t the norm. Thanks, America. 😉 I’m pulling all-dayers or I’m taking mini naps to get through. For years, I’ve been thinking there was something wrong with me. I even had a few health-conscious people ask if it was a thyroid issue. I appreciate their concern but damn. Can’t a girl just need more sleep? Besides, I’ve already had everything all checked out & Doc says I’m good.

In December, I saw Dr. H & even mentioned how I feel like I need more sleep. She said, “That’s totally fine. Some people need more than others. Everything else looks good so just rest more.” Resting all the time seems… weak to me. Apathetic, really. It’s probably because I have this perfectionist drive & it’s coupled with seeing others abuse any sort of rest. It starts crossing into laziness (IMO) & so I do my best to avoid it. All or nothing, right?

But there is a balance to it. No one can go balls to the wall forever. You do have to take some time & allow your body to recharge. And for me? I’m learning that means to start winding down early so that I can fall asleep faster & get plenty of sleep. 🙂

So if you text me late at night & I don’t answer, you know why. Zzz!


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