10 things I no longer do or buy

After doing some research & talking with my brother, I realized there are several items I don’t bother with anymore. That isn’t to say that my random list of things is the same for you. My life is different from yours. And there’s nothing wrong with these things. They don’t currently fit for me in my life. If they don’t fit for you either & you want some help to get rid of them, I’ve put my two cents at the end of each item. 🙂

Anyways, in no particular order, here are 10 things I no longer do or buy:

1) Perfume

This isn’t to say I smell bad because I don’t lol. I still shower & use deodorant & soap. I just use scented lotion so there’s no need for me to layer on another scent. Saves me time & money.

Wanna give up your perfume or cologne?: Donate it to a shelter!

2) Expensive makeup & skincare

I’m sure my esthetician would disagree but I know what works on my sensitive skin & what doesn’t. My favorite mask is a clay mask I got for $10. I’ve done the expensive shit & my skin hates it. I use elf makeup & a few Maybelline products & that’s it. I keep it easy & it makes me happy.

Wanna give up your used makeup or skincare?: Again, donate it to a shelter! They would love it!

3) Multiple social media sites

Okay, so there really isn’t a cost to this one but I’ve saved gobs amount of time by flipping off FOMO & just sticking to one (MAYBE two) sites. That’s it. And you know what? I’m happier, too.

Wanna give up your social media?: Go for it! I recommend temporarily deactivating one account at a time. Give it a few weeks & if you’re good, then permanently deactivate it. Then move on to the next site.

4) News

Another one that’s more about time than money but I quit following the news years ago & my mind has been much more at peace. I do follow WSJ’s podcast, which gives me 90 seconds of news. It’s enough to keep me informed without stressing me out. I don’t read the paper, I don’t watch CNN or Fox or MSNBC, & I don’t give a fuck. If I want to be more informed on a topic, I will research it myself.

Wanna give up on watching or reading the news?: Do it! Depending on how much you follow, maybe start with a step back for a few days & go from there.

5) Unnecessary & large purchases

My brother & I were talking about how our parents like to make large purchases on a whim. There’s zero planning for anything past the here & now. He told me, “Every financial decision I’ve made in the last 10 years has been purposeful. I don’t want to end up like them.” And you know what? I don’t either.

Wanna give up your crazy spending?: Me too! Let’s go cold turkey! Sure, we might fall but I’d rather skin my knee than break my leg financially… Does that make sense? 😉

6) Living my life to please others

I’ve learned this lesson hard in the last 5-10 years. I will never please everyone all the time. And when I tried, I was absolutely miserable. I’m much happier being my true self. I can’t recommend it enough. ❤

Wanna give up your people-pleasing?: It’s not easy but it’s totally worth it. Start with one area & just be you! State your opinion more. Drink that extra glass of wine. Decline on Aunt Barbara’s fish fry. Whatever it is, you do you. I got your back!

7) Impulse items

Those who know me know I keep my Amazon list stocked with a few items. I will sit on those items for days, weeks, months before I buy them. Sometimes, I find it cheaper elsewhere. Other times, I change my mind. And sometimes, I do buy it & I’m happy with my purchase. I try to not “add to cart” on a bunch of little items. I really search inside of me to see WHY I want this item. I do order a bunch of household stuff because it’s cheaper but those are needs, like toilet paper. If I’m buying a want, I do some soul-searching first. It helps get to the heart of why I feel the need to get it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Wanna give up your impulse buying?: Start by walking away at the register. You don’t need candy. You don’t need a shitty USB cord. You don’t need yet another lighter. You’ll be fine.

8) Trendy items

Classic will always outlast trends. Always, always, always. Sure, there might an item here or there that I think is cute & I’ll buy it. But I do my best to stay with what will last over time. Trendy items tend to be cheap shit. Forever 21 might have $10 jeans but there’s a reason why Levi’s have looked the same for 100 years & they’re still in business. They last. And I don’t just mean clothes. Trendy foods like avocado or trendy decor like succulents are hot for now. And if you want an avocado or a succulent, then go for it! Just don’t break the bank over reinviting yourself when you’ll look dated as fuck in 10 years. Look up early 2000s fashion & you’ll know what I mean. 😉

Wanna give up your trendy items?: Good for you! I recommend trying to sell them online while they’re still hot so you can make a profit. Otherwise, ask your friends or donate them.

9) Refusing to ask for help

Nobody knows everything. We all need help & there’s nothing wrong with reaching out. I used to feel ashamed that I wasn’t strong enough to do it on my own. I’m learning that strength has nothing to do with it. There are other people who are more skilled or more available who love me & want to help.

Wanna give up your need to do it all on your own?: Fantastic! Start by asking for help the second you need it. You’re not alone!

10) Guilt-given gifts

We’ve all done this. “Oh I’m going to this baby shower but I only know the host so I guess I’m bringing $30 in diapers for the parents-to-be.” Fuck. That. Shit. You should only give gifts to those you love & make it a gift you want to give. I’m pretty sure I touched on this before but I don’t do gifts because it’s a certain time of year. If I get you something, it’s because I saw it & thought you would love it. I think if more people adopted this mindset our lives wouldn’t be cluttered with items but cluttered with love. Aww lol

Wanna give up your guilt tied with gifts?: Great! Start now by saying, “no” to that obscure bridal shower or offering to bring your sick friend some homemade soup or give your nephew who loves lions a trip to the zoo.

Collect moments. Not things.

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