OMG. I’m so tired of being so tired. I know. Every person alive is tired. And maybe the dead are too. 😉 And bitching about it is irritating & obnoxious.


I’ve been like this for a good week or two. It doesn’t seem to matter how much caffeine I’m taking in or how many naps I take. I still feel like I need to take a day to just sleep. No other responsibilities. Like, rent a hotel room & just sleeeeep.

Since that’s not possible, I’ve been loading up on caffeine. I’m up to a Bang & a half (roughly 450 mg of caffeine) & it’s not doing shit. I’m still having to take a nap at some point during the day to make it through. I totally get why people do coke or meth. I’m not going to (don’t worry). I’m just saying that I get it.

I’ve hit the stage where my thinking is all fucked up. I can’t think straight & my reactions are delayed. I’ve been a little low & discouraged. I’m not feeling amazing about myself (physically or mentally). And I know all I need to do is to sleep it off. I hate that there’s an easy solution but I can’t reach it.

My plan, as of now, is to try to stay awake all day & go to bed extra early tonight. Maybe that’ll help? Who the fuck knows. I’ve been taking late naps (like after work) to try to make it last until nighttime. I teach tonight so my after-work nap isn’t gonna happen.

Ugh. I hate this.


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