Do you ever feel like you’re constantly running behind? Either with projects or your daily schedule or whatever else life throws at you?

Because, same, fam.

I’m not sure what it is lately but I feel like I can’t get caught up. And “good enough” isn’t good enough. For example, let’s say there are 10 things on my list that I HAVE TO take care of every day. Getting 8 done is great but that leaves 12 for the next day. And another day of 8 leaves 14 for the following day, and so on & so on. That’s pretty much how it feels.

Interestingly enough, I’m not overwhelmed by it. Usually, I would be & then I would snap or have a panic attack. But this time around, I’m more annoyed with it. Like, “C’mon. Get your shit together. Sacrifice what you need to & let’s haul ass.”

I’m trying to focus & get caught up TODAY. As of now, I have 6 more pressing items on my list. I’ve gotten a lot done & I should be proud, but I’m not. Because of unrealistic standards of perfection. Ugh.


I have about an hour left until I have to leave to go teach (Job #2) so I’m gonna see what else I can get done. I’m sorry today’s post isn’t that earth-shattering or even that long but I’ve got shit to do.


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