Happy little chickadees

My desk is right next to my bedroom window. It works out like that not just because that’s the only “good” spot in my room but also because I enjoy taking a few moments to look outside & awe at nature.

You know I love birds. Ever since I was a little girl, nothing makes me quite as happy as seeing their tiny, fluffy bodies chirping & hopping around. Makes me melt.

And cute shit like this cracks me up lol

I’ve always wondered why some birds don’t migrate for the winter. Yes, most of them do, but we have a good amount who choose to stay. Here in the Midwest (USA), the weather is a cruel & unpredictable mistress. I’d imagine that would stress them out! I mean, it’s stressful to me. 😉

That is until I noticed the snow.

It snowed 3-4 inches a week or so ago. Nothing to write home about but enough to fully cover the grass & to cancel school due to the “wintry mix.” I looked out my window to see how fast it was snowing & I noticed about 20 little chickadees. Chickadees are one of my favorite birds. I love their little black-capped heads & how they’re so small & fragile yet so fast. These sweet birds weren’t staying close to the tree trunk for cover & support. They were happily playing in the snow like little kids.

In 37 years, I’ve never seen birds HAPPY for snow. They were excitedly hopping all over, leaving tiny footprints in the fresh powder. Some were singing & others were “bathing” in it. They were so thrilled & I was too. What an amazing moment!

I’m sure there’s some beautiful lesson here about “choosing joy in the midst of your winter” or something. But I just took the moment for what it was: Watching wild animals having fun & enjoying their day!


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