Sunday Funday

I’m not really sure what to talk to you about today. I just feel this need to type so let’s see what comes out. 😉 

I’m trying this new thing where I just fucking grow up & deal with the shit I need to do. Crazy, right? 😉 Sundays have become my “pesky tasks day.” Tiny little annoyances that need to get done but I haven’t had time or energy to deal with it during the week. I’m not talking about my usual daily tasks. This is more like, “Finish wrapping presents” & “Be ruthless with your email (both were on my list for today & both are done. Kick ass).”

I’ve been good at keeping my Shabbat as a complete Shabbat & honestly, having a full day off has been life-changing. It feels well-deserved, which if you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you’ll know that’s new lol.

So with Monday – Friday, I have my daily list of things to do. Saturday is my rest day & Sunday is my “Get this done so you don’t have to do it on Monday” day. It might seem laborious & rigid but that’s what I need & it’s peaceful to me. It brings order to my life & keeps any OCD tendencies in check. Winner, winner.

Last night before I went to bed, I wrote down everything I could think of that I wanted to get today. It snowed a little bit this morning, & seeing how it’s the season’s first “real snowfall,” I stayed home & took care of some inside work today. It’s not bad out but I don’t trust those other shit-sippers out there.

I do have a few errands I want to run but knowing that the sun will set in probably 30 minutes, I’m thinking it’ll be best for me to wait on those. Nothing is too urgent so tomorrow would be fine. It also gives me time to work on some more shizzzz lol.

And on that note, I think I’m gonna pop back over to my list. My to-do list waits for no man! Ha!


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