Mysterious figure…

I’m an unusual believer/skeptic.

I do believe in ghosts but I also believe that most of the paranormal could be explained by science. I don’t buy into conspiracy theories but I’m wise enough to know that the government doesn’t tell its people everything that’s going on. I don’t think crystals & rocks have healing powers but I do believe in the Eternal One.

Like I said, I’m a mix. I don’t have clear-cut beliefs so it’s a case-by-case basis for me. And I don’t judge others for their beliefs. You do you, boo. 🙂

Having said all of that, I keep catching something from the corner of my eye. It’s as if someone just walked by & I can see their shadow & feel their presence. But when I turn my head to look, it’s gone. I don’t feel scared or comforted by it. It’s more like, “Oh damn. I missed it!” 😉

I’m not sure what it is. Some may call it a ghost; others an angel. And still others may have some scientific reason like low blood sugar or something.

Whatever the reason may be, if it is a *ghost, why is he there? Am I supposed to communicate with him? Why is he always in the corner of my peripheral vision but walks away quickly when I try to look at him?

“So what does he look like?”

It’s like this shadowy figure that’s walking by. When I turn to see what it is, it’s gone. But I KNOW I saw something. And it keeps happening.

Ugh. What do you want, Shadowy Man?! 😉 Maybe he has a message for me. Maybe he’s just digging on my music.

If he ever communicates with me, I’ll let you know.

*I’m using this term for simplicity’s sake. And yes, I’m personifying it as well.


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