Just get it out, SC. Type until you feel better.

I’m not sure where to go from here. I’m slightly better than yesterday but not by much if I’m being honest. I still feel like I’m just floating downstream.

I’m sure it’s hard to understand if you’ve never experienced a depressive episode. I can’t just “snap out of it” & no, I don’t know how long it’ll last. It’s not like I planned this or anything. That’s why it’s an illness, right? 😉

The best thing I can do is some self-care & pray it passes quickly. So today that was getting a much-needed manicure at my favorite nail salon. I got this beautiful dark purple/almost black color. A slight glimmer of hope in the midst of my current darkness. Right up my alley. 🙂

I also took a mini nap (about 30 minutes) to help me last until I go to bed. I decided to forgo on doing my hair & makeup. I spent the day just working on things around the house & listening to my favorite podcast (My Favorite Murder). I laughed a few times which helped.

But overall, I’m just looking forward to going to bed. Sometimes it’s just easier because I no longer have to try. I can close my eyes, rest, & enjoy the silence. It takes so much energy to get through the day so I cut off any fluff I can to make it. By the time nighttime rolls around, I have nothing left to give.

My agenda for tonight is to take a nice bath & to go to bed early. Here’s hoping tomorrow will be better…


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