Check! – August Update

So, as you know, I’ve been wanting to get some physical stuff taken care of. I’m 36 & I’m feeling the pressure to get my shit together. Not that I feel “old” but more like, “I’m not 20. I can’t put off some of this anymore.”

In case you missed the first go-around…

✔️  Blood work: All good!

✔️  OBGYN: I saw Dr. H-H last week. She’s the bee’s knees. I heard her outside of my door say, “Yes! She’s here! Awesome!” It’s nice to be loved. 🙂 Anyways, she asked where I’ve been & I told her I’ve been working on mental stuff. Like the kickass doctor she is, she asked if she needed to refill anything or refer me to anyone. I thanked her for offering & told her I’m seeing a therapist so I’m good. 🙂 All results came back negative (that’s good) which is what we both thought. Oh, & she said, “Oh! There’s your cute, little uterus! It’s so tiny!” Haha – thanks? Just a funny observation, I guess. We’re looking into me getting an IUD so I don’t feel like death every month when I’m on my period.

✔️  Dentist: All good! I go back in October, I believe.

✔️  Vaccinations: All good!

✔️ Vision: Okay, so this kinda unfolded nicely. I lost my sunglasses that clip on to my glasses. I have no idea where they are & that pisses me off. One, I’m not one to lose things like that so that’s annoying. And two, OCD kicks in & I’m unable to rest without checking everything about 8x. Yes, it sucks.

So while in a mild panic, I decided to swing by my optometrist & just see if I could buy a replacement. Well, not really. They don’t work with the lab that makes those glasses anymore (it’s been 2 years since my last appointment) so they could sell me a generic one that’s still polarized but it doesn’t really fit. Meh, whatever. I need something so I’m not blinded by the sun when I’m driving.

The assistant is getting me set up with the replacement sunglasses & I ask her if I can just make an appointment for an exam because I can tell my prescription needs to be stronger. She takes a look at the schedule & says, “Actually, Dr. E has an opening now.”

Umm…okay… Let’s do it.

Obviously, I didn’t take anything like Klonopin to help. I just went for it. They have my records & so they know how anything regarding my eyes is a big deal to me. Dr. E remembered me & mentioned how proud he was of me for getting this taken care of. I told him I hadn’t taken anything & he was even more impressed. He said several times how I have “super, super healthy eyes” & how he was shocked I could tell my prescription needed to be tweaked. I guess it barely needed to be tweaked on my left eye (which is my weaker eye) & he said my right eye had gotten stronger so he had to go down a little on that side. Even the assistant was like, “Wow, this is barely a difference. That’s amazing that you could tell!”

I ordered new glasses because they’re with a new lab now. I got transitions so I shouldn’t have this problem again. I told my SO how I didn’t take anything as I didn’t have time but even he was blown away that I was okay. No panic attacks or anything.

I am getting stronger. I have to remind myself of this. 🙂

✔️  Surgeon: About a month ago, I met with Dr. M. She was awesome. Without giving too much detail about my booty hole ;), the short version is that it’s a skin tag versus hemorrhoid. She can remove it but it would be for “purely aesthetic reasons.” Since I highly doubt insurance would cover that, I told her I’m good. She told me to up my fiber just to make sure it doesn’t flareup. So this is sorta done? I mean, unless I have another flareup, I’m good.

✔️  Car detailing: I got this done last month & my car is so much nicer! I think I’m gonna do it every 4 months. I’m sure 6 months is normal but I want 4 so there. 🙂

❌ Insurance: Still need to update this. I just don’t want to go over all of these details over the phone. I’m sure it means it’ll go up so part of me wants to wait until I pay some shit off.

✔️  Mattress: Done! Ahh… so nice! I also added this to my calendar so I don’t forget.

Kicking ass & taking names! 💪


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