August Goals

I think I’m gonna do these monthly goals until I hit one year. Good little motivator, right?

– A snapshot –


– The details –


  • I would say I’m pretty much maintaining at this point. I’ve been absolutely exhausted for the past few weeks (because of Job #1) so I’m taking my path to physical health lightly. I’m not in the ditch on the side of the road but I’m not sprinting either. Leisurely strolling. 😉
  • GOAL: To give myself permission to focus on Job #1 right now & realize there is an ebb & flow to everything. I should have a breather within in the next week or so which will help out tremendously. Just a lot of mini-projects all at once.


  • Remember when I said I could have everything paid off sooner? Like 8 months? Hahaha! Well, that was before I had a few checkups. My latest medical bill was about $1000. Oh, and everything’s fine. Between specialists & insurance, I knew I was gonna be fucked. Oh well. You only get one body. It’s good to have a clean bill of health regardless of cost, right? I have my OBGYN appointment next week so I’m sure that’ll tack on to my exciting tab as well. Yippee.
  • GOAL:  Don’t. Give. Up. I really want to but I’m gonna hang in there.


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