Empty vases

I can’t write that out without thinking of this Friends episode. Classic!

I realized something wonderful the other day.

I’ve been buying myself some little flowers every week for years. I mean, YEARS. A small $5 bouquet lasts about 2 weeks & just looks beautiful. Every time I would look at them, I smile. A small price to pay for happiness.

After the flowers die, I wash out the vase & get new ones. Logical, right? But this time, I didn’t. I tossed the dead flowers, washed the vase, & just held the empty vase for a moment. It was like a little light went off inside of me. I’m not sure how to describe it so bear with me.

It was like I realized I didn’t NEED them anymore. They had provided comfort for me for years and years. I’m grateful for how they helped me but I’m stronger now. I don’t have to have flowers anymore. I’m capable of comforting myself & making myself happy. That’s not to say I’ll never buy flowers again but there’s definitely a shift here. I’m in control of my needs now.

I put the clean vase away in the cabinet with the 2 other vases I have. I felt proud of myself as I shut the cabinet door. It’s one of those milestones that others wouldn’t notice but it’s a joyous moment for me.

Progress. ❤


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