Ugh. I’m emotionally, financially, socially, mentally, physically exhausted. I know. Everyone says that. I feel like today it’s not an exaggeration.


I’m numb. There’s some shit that has upset me (intimate relationships have their ups & downs) but I’m tired of going around & around. Fine. I give up. You win. Have it your way.


I’m completely discouraged. Looks like my medical bill is valid so that’s something like $1300 more than I thought it was. Sigh. Great. Anybody need a kidney?


I’m annoyed with always being the one who makes the first contact so I just stopped. Seriously, in this day & age, what’s your excuse? Why do I have to say something to get the convo going? Be an adult.


It’s another low day. Still not feeling amazing about myself. I know that most of this is because of what’s going on in my mind lately & feeling a little rejected from a loved one who made a backhanded comment. I’ll cope. I always do.


I haven’t slept well in a while so that’s a big part of it. I ate today & because of that, I feel like vomiting. I’m still emptying out so now it’s a guessing game for the toilet, trash can, or both.

So I think I’m gonna continue to be a little hermit crab. I’m not good company today, anyways. I honestly want to be alone & lie in bed all day. I’ll write more later. For now, I need to go rest. I can’t think straight.

Sigh… I will get there…


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