Please don’t mistake this post for arrogance. Everyone has a trait they excel in – this one is mine. That’s all. I’m sure if you talked about fly-fishing or ice skating or whatever you kick ass in, you wouldn’t think you were boasting, right? Same, fam.

I was thinking about the other day how I approach problems. I try to look at it from every angle & make an accurate assessment of what I need to do next. I try to not get my hopes up too high nor do I try to be a Negative Nancy about it. In the end, I’m usually right on the money.

Yep. I’m a realist.

Dr. G was telling me how my perception is really good & I’m able to see the situations for what they are. I guess being obsessive & anxious have their positives? 😉 I don’t bring this up as a humble brag but more like, “Yeah, I know what the fuck I’m talking about.” When I say shit like, “That’s not gonna happen,” I’m not being negative. Or if I say, “I think it’s gonna work out,” I’m not sugarcoating bullshit for you. I’m being real & honest with you.

I’ve always been one who people go to to get advice or an outsider’s opinion on whatever they’re facing. I do my best to look at all the facts & to be honest & kind with what I think they should do. I have a track record of being right but most of the time? My advice is ignored. I’ve gotten to the point where I say, “This is what will happen if you do _____ instead of _____” & then watch it happen. So much so, there are some people I refuse to give advice to because I know they’re gonna do their own shit anyways. Which is fine, really. Just don’t ask for help if you’re not gonna use it. It’s a waste of my time & yours.

Having said all of that, let me give you the most common advice I give:

Nothing will change unless you do.

Don’t like your mom encroaching on your territory? Lay some boundaries & enforce them. Don’t like your boss expecting you to be available 24/7? Stop replying 24/7. Don’t like your girlfriend’s attitude? Talk to her & treat her like the queen she is. Sick & tired of being sick & tired? Eat like a goddamn adult & go to bed before 0300.

YOU have to make the change in the direction YOU want to go. Yes, it really is that simple. Success is just a bunch of small decisions you make every day. Like compound interest, you’ll see the effects quickly.

You can do this. I should know. I’m a realist. 😉


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