♪ Red! The blood of angry men! ♪

Today’s post is about menstruation. This is the only warning you get. Something that affects billions of women every month doesn’t need a warning but I realize some of you might be squeamish. 

Okay, so it’s my Red Week. I’m downing ibuprofen & acetaminophen like candy. I’m drinking so much water I’m peeing around the clock. I’m going to bed early & crashing hard & struggling to wake up.

Yep. Every month it’s like this.

Every month I get these intense cramps that make me wanna vomit or scream out in pain. My doctor is fully aware of it, & yes, I’ve been diagnosed with something that basically says, “she goes through hell every month.” I remember being told it gets “better” when I’m older. Lies. If anything, it’s gotten more intense.

Every month I’m changing pads &/or tampons almost every time I go to the bathroom. I’m not one of those who can stick a tampon in & go about their day. It just slows it down for a short while. TBH, I only wear tampons when I need to (like if I’m swimming or something). It just doesn’t work for me. In short, I bleed too much or I’m cramping so hard that I push them out. So that’s fun.

Every month I’m hunched over in pain & living in yoga pants or no pants. I bloat like a goddamn balloon. I look pregnant, nothing fits, & I hate it. I’m ultra sensitive. I try to not cry at a drop of a hat. Or stab someone.

Every. Fucking. Month.

I don’t tell you this to get your sympathy but rather to paint you a picture of where I’m at. I’m not alone with this. Millions upon millions of other women have “severe” (ha!) periods. No real cure, unless you want to pull everything out, which isn’t a cure.


I’m really just telling you this so I can bitch & moan. Let’s be honest, right? 😉

I’m not gonna “call in sick” at work. I rarely take it easy during this week. The only solution I have is to load up on caffeine to combat fatigue & take a fistful of meds. That’s about it. I can’t just sit around & rest. It’s an uneasy, unsettling feeling (which I have learned is a symptom of anxiety). So I might as well get some shit done, right?

Here’s hoping I don’t kill anybody in the process 😉

One of my favorite artists


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