Use what you have – Part 2

It’s been about a week since I started being honest with myself & going through what I actually use & need. I’ve only gone through a few areas but I can already see the changes. With each item I use, I feel more grateful. With each item I toss, I thank it for serving me when it did. Overall, I feel more relaxed & calm.

This whole process has really opened my eyes to how wasteful I’ve been. That itself is a mindfuck because I don’t consider myself to be a destructive person. My parents are like unsupervised toddlers. Shit somehow breaks in their hands. All the time. They’ll blame me & my brother, or the manufacturer, or the fact that it was “old.” Funny how my Target furniture looks great & lasts longer than their expensive La-Z-Boys. Oh, the stories I could tell…

But I digress πŸ˜‰

I’m usually very frugal & respectful with my purchases. I remember being a little girl & using Pledge against my particle board bookshelf with the wood grain contact paper. Even then, I wanted to take care of my possessions. But realizing how some items were taking up room, collecting dust, being unused is just as careless as my parents with their busted furniture or broken coffee pot. Not only is it carelessness but it’s also a waste of hard-earned money. Sometimes seeing it from that perspective was really revealing to me. Stuff like, “I had to work the equivalent of 5 hours for this item & I haven’t even used it! And I wanted it so bad! Ahh! What is my problem?!”

I believe that every item should have a purpose & a place. Sometimes the purpose is, “I have to keep this paperwork for legal reasons” versus “I love my butt in these jeans.” πŸ™‚ I don’t want to own paperwork “just in case” nor do I want a pair of jeans that don’t fit right or make me look like I’m wearing Mom Jeans.Β While those are weak examples, I am running into this concept with almost every item I pick up. A good percentage doesn’t serve a purpose anymore. And because of this, I’m freeing up space – physical & mental. πŸ™‚

I’m not saying it’s been easy. Some items have been, yes, but others have been more difficult. Like I’m sitting there with it in my hands & softly sighing out of guilt. Not that I “should keep it” but that I didn’t treat it well. I had *good intentions & they fell flat. It’s THAT feeling I’m not a fan of. Like I let myself down? It’s kinda hard to describe. It’s a new feeling & I’m still sorting through it.Β πŸ™‚

* Stuff like “smaller clothes.” Every woman has a stack of clothes somewhere in her closet when she was smaller. She hates how she’s whatever size now & if she ever lost those pesky 10 lbs, she could fit into them. I decided to go through my box of clothes. I decided to keep a handful of shirts that I really love & a pair of pants for teaching. The rest went to my Goodwill pile. And I’m much happier. πŸ™‚ I no longer have an overflowing box that’s judging me for where I am in my life.

ATWS is amazing & has helped me turn my financial life around


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