Use what you have

I was thinking about how many items I’ve bought that are still lying around my house. I’m not talking about unfinished projects, although I do have a few of those. I mean toiletries, food in the pantry, clothes, books I wanted to read, etc. On top of all the little items I “had to have.” Just sitting around while I’m ignoring them & buying something else.

All of that makes me feel disgusting. Blecch. What a fucking waste. It makes me feel ungrateful, forgetful, or unappreciative. Who wants that? Not me!

So to counter that feeling, I decided to start using up EVERYTHING I have first. That is before I go & buy a new version or item. I’ve done this a few times & I’m sure you’ve read it & followed along. It’s time to do it again. Call it KonMari or minimalism or whatever you want. I wanna be resourceful & frugal. I wanna show appreciation to Past SC for working hard & buying something for Present SC or Future SC. And if it doesn’t serve a purpose for me anymore, I’m going to donate it. No hesitation.

Here are my rules:

  • If I haven’t used it yet, chances are I never will. Resell or donate
  • If I have used it but I’m not a fan, toss or donate
  • If I have used it & I’m a fan, then what the fuck are you doing, SC? USE IT UP.
  • If I have used it, I’m a fan, but I know I’ll probably never get around to it, toss or donate. Clearly, I’m just feeling guilty. Which reminds me…
  • If I feel ANY guilt or pressure to keep an item that no longer “sparks joy,” bye bitch. I refuse to let anyone or anything put me in a self-loathing position.

I challenge you to do the same. Be honest with yourself & surround yourself with items, people, & experiences that make YOU happy.


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