Check! ✔️

I’ve been kicking ass & taking names! I’m finally starting to feel like a real, responsible adult – Ha!

Here’s what I’ve accomplished so far:

✔️  Blood work: I got it done today & got all my numbers in. I’m a little high in cholesterol (no shocker there. I love steak lol) & a little low with how my kidneys are filtering. I emailed Dr. BK to see if it’s anything I should be concerned about. Seeing how they didn’t call me directly, I’m gonna guess “no,” but it’s good to double check, right?

✔️ OBGYN: Scheduled for August but you already knew that.

✔️ Dentist: All good! I’m set for another 6 months!

✔️ Vaccinations: Turns out, the only one I would need is a tetanus booster & I got that in 2013. Doc said it’s good for 10 years so I’m current on everything! Yay!

❌ Vision: I need to schedule a checkup. Maybe I can schedule it online…? God, how did I survive before online scheduling? 😉 Oh, that’s right. I didn’t. Hence me doing shit now.

❌ Surgeon: So I emailed Dr. HH & asked for a referral to get this done. The idea of having my booty hole exposed to some random doc doesn’t sound appealing but it’ll be worth it.

❌ Car detailing: This might be a little trickier to schedule. I know someone who works at a dealership & he’ll cut me a good deal. It just depends on when he’s available. I might have to wait a while. We’ll see.

❌ Insurance: Still need to update this. I know my car insurance is current but I’m pretty sure my renter’s needs to be adjusted.

❌ Mattress: I’m gonna change my sheets on Friday so I’ll flip it then. Flip it for real. 😉

Not too shabby, right?! 💪



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