Shabbat Shalom

I’m sitting here thinking about what to talk about when I realized, “Wow. I had a really good day today.”

I started my day by going to Temple. Today kicks off Pesach/Passover. Service was lovely, as usual, but it was really cool to be there for a holiday & see how they celebrate it. We said a few more prayers, sang a few more songs, & even had some discussion over the 10th plague. Jews are just the best, BTW. I love that everything is up for debate versus “obey & believe because I said so & don’t you dare think for yourself.” An elderly lady said she’s always had a “problem with that plague” (love her honesty & the balls to say it to everyone). The man in front of me said he believed the plagues were more metaphorical versus literal. And the rabbi? She didn’t judge them for *their beliefs. She thanked them for sharing with everyone & for giving us all new perspectives. She took the time to understand their hearts. Ahh! Love it!

After Temple, I ran a few, light errands. I even went by the Y & canceled my membership. I didn’t feel guilty or shame or anything negative like that. I’ve been applying the Marie Kondo method of thanking everything. I thanked the membership for serving me when I needed it but I no longer do. It’s so much easier to release it once I thank it. It sounds weird but it’s like I get closure from it. Anyway, that’s $74/month I’m saving! Woo hoo! I still have my gym that’s right up the street but I use them & I really like them. See? I’m being smart!

After I took care of some “bidniz,” I came home & took a nap. I told myself, “Shabbat Shalom, SC. Get that shalom part down.” I felt this drive to do something – I need to do laundry, work on my list, ooh I gotta schedule that, etc. But, no. Not today. It’s Shabbat – day of rest. No work. I put my phone on my charger, took my shoes off, & crawled into bed for some much-needed rest.

I slept for 3 hours. Holy shit. I set an alarm for 2 hours but I completely slept through it. Because I woke up later than expected, I wasn’t able to start my seder. And you know what? That’s okay. Much like last year, I decided to not do the traditional plate this year. I’m gonna stick with a **fun version of the Haggadah & some killer soup. My seder plans are for tomorrow. I’ll make matzo ball soup, roast chicken, & sugar snap peas. I might put out some carrots & celery as well. I’m thinking strawberries with fresh whipped cream for dessert. There is a request for mac & cheese so we’ll see. πŸ˜‰ Yeah, I clearly don’t rid my house of chametz. Don’t even care. 🀷

Because I don’t live alone & in lieu of burning all the chametz, I’m just not gonna eat it. Same diff, really. It does crack me up how Jews bitch & moan about, “No bread?! FOR A WEEK?!” Calm your tits. You’ll be fine. I know we’re a whiny bunch but OMG. Pull it together. Kinda understanding why Moses snapped. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, it hit me that I had a lovely Shabbat. Everything was low-key & relaxed. And now, I’m actually looking forward to getting up in the morning & taking care of some things. This is how Shabbat is supposed to be – to serve me. I felt like it did. πŸ™‚

* Quite honestly, I’m somewhere with them, too. Again, long process.
** I haven’t decided yet what to use. I have a few versions. πŸ™‚


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