Just breathe

So remember how I told you I was taking February off from the gym to work on my psyche? Because I knew something was off?

Turns out I was right. 😉

And even though I can’t quite pinpoint it yet, I can tell that was the right decision to make. And how do I know that? Because it’s being reflected in my dreams. I’m not having as many stressful dreams or nightmares or waking up gasping for air. All signs that something needs to be fixed, right?

I can also tell because I’m starting to really miss the gym. Like I can tell I NEED it versus this “Ugh, I should go” feeling. I miss being active & feeling strong. I’ve been having sciatic pain again (boo) so I’m sure that’s all connected as well.

But the most important part that I wanted to share with you is that I’m very proud of myself for listening to what *I* needed to do. I’m sure other people would be like, “Fuck it! Stay on the couch!” or “Push through & go to the gym!” And, yes, there is a time & a place for both. But for me, I could tell something wasn’t right. I was struggling way more than usual & I kept feeling weak.

Sometimes, you need a breather. A breather from the gym, from people, from the media, from your job, whatever. Only you know what’s best for you. Obviously, this isn’t an excuse to be an asshole or a bum. But I think if you’re really honest with yourself, you’ll know what works & what doesn’t. The sooner you realize it’s all connected, the easier & faster it is to heal. For me, mental was spilling over into physical to get my attention. Once I finally started to pay attention, I took a step back to take a moment & breathe.

And for me, taking a physical break to sort through some mental clutter is what I needed. I’m not 100% but I’m stronger than I was before. Progress. ❤

This is me, working hard for my mental health!


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