I woke up this morning to a beautiful sunrise. The sky was a soft pink color with a hint of orange & yellow glow. It was lightly snowing & I was completely mesmerized by its beauty. It was absolutely magical. And even though I was tired & cold, I smiled & took a deep breath. Ahh… all is well.

It looked very similar to this:


God, I love nature. It really does help me. Not only does it calm my soul but it helps me put things into perspective. It’s a big universe out there. And maybe my problems that seem astronomical really aren’t.

Maybe instead of being so focused & concerned with what’s right in front of me, I need to lift up my eyes to the world around me & take Mother Nature’s advice. Birds don’t freak out over dinner. The trees don’t spaz over losing their leaves. Rivers don’t stop when they come to rocks, tree limbs, & other debris. It all flows.

Maybe that’s the reminder I need today. To just flow & to not be bogged down by temporary things. To continue doing what I need to do at my own pace.

All is well. ❤


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