Mini rewards

I mentioned earlier how Dr. G told me to instill some mini rewards into my life. I’ve been thinking about that a lot. What is something small that benefits me yet is enough of a carrot for me to pursue?

I started to think about little rewards around my house – my favorite cuppa, a bubble bath with candles, permission to mellow out or sleep in when my Type A/ISFJ ways think I should be go-go-go! Then I started to think about rewards that don’t cost a lot of time or money – smoothies from Smoothie King (yum!), books from the library, my favorite Bang. And maybe even bigger rewards like drinks with a friend who makes me feel loved or a cute shirt I’ve been eyeing that’s flattering on me.

I decided that I need to set up a system. Once a week is too long for me & Dr. G agrees. I haven’t quite figured out my formula yet but I did figure out a great weekly reward. I have several items in my Amazon wish list that are under $20 (most are under $10). So far my rule is: If I meet at least 80% of my goals this week, I can order myself something fun from Amazon. If I do it for 3 weeks in a row, I can order a bigger ticket item instead. 

For now, this is what I’m working towards. I know that I’m human & a perfectionist so expecting 100% is setting me up for failure & then a hard crash into despair. See? I am learning from therapy! 😉

I still need to think over & figure out a daily reward & a middle of the week reward.

Any suggestions?

No reason for today’s picture. I just thought it was funny & a great motivator! 😉


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