December Goals

Last month of 2018! Let’s make it great!

– A snapshot –

MENTAL: 6 → 7
SOCIAL: 7 → 8
CAREER: 7 → 8
FAMILY: 7 → 8

– The details –


  • I’ve been doing some reading, praying, discussing, research – basically, anything I can to work through some of this. As you know, I’m trying to wipe my spiritual slate clean & start over. I’m trying to keep things easy for now. Any deep spiritual topic is immediately turning me off so these are my baby steps.
  • GOAL: To continue to research & to take things at my own speed. Sorry, Rabbi, but I’m not there yet. And you know what? That’s okay. 🙂


  • I’ve been very strict with what I allow myself to get mentally committed to. For example, it’s not worth it to me to be sucked into some Drama Mama’s issue. They’re not gonna change & all it’s gonna do is stress me out. So pass.
  • GOAL: To continue to put my needs forward & to not be afraid to say, “no.”


  • I took last week off for the gym. Between my wrist trying to fully heal & a few days of an upset stomach, I figured it was due. I went back this morning & dialed the weight down about 10%. I’m doing good. My wrist doesn’t hurt at all & my stomach is happy.
  • GOAL: To continue working out & to give myself permission to listen to my body & take time off as needed.


  • I have a really good group of friends. I feel like I’m finally creating real friendships with real people. Hopefully, I’m done with this flaky shit. By not engaging with others & that behavior, I think I’m naturally weeding them out.
  • GOAL: To look at my calendar & schedule times with some friends. If I don’t schedule it, it won’t happen & that’s sad. 😦


  • Things are going really well! Sometimes I have both Job #2 & Job #3 asking me to sub which is kinda nice. Nice to know that I’m needed. 🙂 Too bad I can’t be in two places at once, right? I am subbing a good amount for the next few weeks so we’ll see how that goes.
  • GOAL: To challenge my students as well as myself before the winter break. Maybe offer some kind of contest? Hmm… I’m not sure yet.


  • This has taken a hit. I’ve had a few hiccups with my pay & trying to get that all taken care of. I believe it’s all figured out now but it’s been pretty tight lately. I’m not a fan.
  • GOAL: To not give up! Keep trudging through this clusterfuck. Things will readjust here in another week. I can do this.


  • This is one area that I feel really confident about. I’m really happy with how things are going!
  • GOAL: To use this holiday season to slow down & to love on my loved ones


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