One day at a time…

So my weekend was a little rough. And short. My God, I feel like I blinked & it was over. I feel like I need another day or two to rest & get caught up on laundry. Blecch.

Anyway, I wanted to take a few minutes & share with you what I’m working on. As you know, I’m a planner. I need goals & deadlines or I’ll feel stagnant & unproductive. They also keep me from getting too low because I can keep myself focused on the task at hand. It’s honestly just the way I’m wired. My SO will be bothered by it & ask me why I’m constantly working on projects. “Because I have to.” That’s as simple as I can explain it. I’m sure it has to do a lot with my personality as well as mental illnesses but it is what it is.

Knowing how I am, you can imagine how I’m struggling with things that I have to take one day at a time. I don’t do that. I set a goal & I destroy it. So to take certain areas of my life on a day-to-day basis is really difficult for me.

“What areas are you talking about?”

Well, take my mental health, for example. I would love to say, “No panic attacks this week!” but I can’t. I can’t control that, & believe me, I’ve tried. But the things I can control – going to therapy, taking my meds, distracting myself, whatever – are the little daily changes that help me reach that goal.

It reminds me of what my good friend JH once said:

Every day, we take baby steps. After a while, you look back & realize you’ve made some progress. It doesn’t happen overnight but it does happen. It doesn’t matter how small you’re moving as long as you keep moving.

She’s very smart. 🙂

Yes, the big decisions can affect our lives. But I’m finding that the small day-to-day decisions are what’s shaping my destiny. Whether if that’s going to the gym or choosing to not engage in others’ toxicity, these little short steps are leading to a better & brighter future. Even if I can’t see it now, one day I’ll be able to look back & see how far I’ve come.

And I’ll get there. One step at a time. One day at a time. One decision at a time.


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