November Goals

Well, it’s the 6th so I should just jump right into these, yes?

– A snapshot –

MENTAL: 5 → 6
SOCIAL: 7 → 7 (maintain)
CAREER: 7 → 7 (maintain)
FAMILY: 7 → 7 (maintain)

– The details –


  • So I met with one the rabbis & it was…interesting. Traditionally, a rabbi rejects you three times before they meet with you to see if you’re serious. The fact Rabbi B met with me the first time is a good sign. However, it was a little rough so I’m not sure how I feel…
  • GOAL: To think things over & decide what path I wanna take. Whether if that’s following their advice or otherwise…


  • 1) Dr. H upped me to 200 & I’m feeling really good. I haven’t had any panic attacks or super, super low moments.  2) I haven’t read in a while. This area has totally sucked. 3) And I haven’t done jack shit about my bedtime. Let’s fix that, too.
  • GOAL: 1) Continue with therapy. Especially since we’re getting into some rough shit now. Ugh. 2) READ! 3) To get ready & prepare for bed earlier so that I’m in bed by midnight. Yes, the same goal as last month. I need to do it.


  • 1) Weight hasn’t really changed but I’m definitely smaller. I started adding cardio to my weightlifting this week so we’ll see how that goes. 2) I wanna say I did about 80-85% of no added sugar. That’s pretty good, right?
  • GOAL: To continue working out & using that to help me deal with the day-to-day stresses.


  • I feel like I’ve got a good group of good friends. Things are easier & happier & are working great. Yay! 🙂
  • GOAL: To maintain my friendships & to stay the course. I’m gonna use any extra time towards my other goals.


  • Finished the paperwork for Job #3 & I’ve already been there a few times to sub. Get that bread! Haha!
  • GOAL: To continue to put my best foot forward for all students.


  • I didn’t pay off Amazon but I did throw a giant chunk at it so that’s good. I’m thinking about going super strict on my spending & budget again. I need to think that over about how strict I wanna go…
  • GOAL: To throw gobs of money at my debts so that I don’t feel quite as defeated financially as I currently do. :/


  • Things are good! Let’s keep it going!
  • GOAL: To spend 20 minutes a day taking care of the house before I go to bed so that I’m not stressed in the morning. 🙂


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