This is me

There’s a very personal part of me that I want to share with you. Please know that it’s not easy for me to open up certain doors. Who knows what Pandora’s box will contain, right? 😉

This is something I’ve been wrestling with telling you since Day 1. But I’m finally ready now.

I’m bisexual.

While that’s sinking in, lemme take a few moments and answer the most common questions I received or heard from other LGBTQ friends.

“Wow! How long have you known?”

Since puberty. But being raised Christian, I used to believe those feelings were wrong. I would try to hide them. I tried to pray them away as well. I thought I was possessed because I wasn’t just attracted to boys (heteronormativity is a bitch). There’s a lot of damage in my past. It was rough and probably what added on to my depression at such a young age. It’s only been the last 5-10 years that I’ve been making my peace with who I really am.

“Does your SO know?”

What do you think? 😉 I’m not gonna have an intimate relationship (sexual or emotional) with someone and not tell them. BTW, he already knew. 😊

“So what does this mean?”

For you? Nothing. For me? Everything. It means I don’t have to hide certain parts of me around you. I have nothing to be ashamed of. This is me.

“Is there someone you’re interested in?”/”Are you gonna have a threesome?”

Not at the moment. But let me stop you right there. Instead of being worried about my sex life, maybe you should figure out why that’s so important to you. LGBTQ are fed up with others sexualizing everything we do. We’re just like you. Our sexual orientation is between us and our partner. That’s it. You wouldn’t like someone asking you if you fucked someone else, right? It’s none of their goddamn business. Same, fam.

“Are you more lipstick or butch?”

Definitely lipstick. 😉 I have a type but we’ll go into that later.

“Does your family know?”

Outside of my SO, no. I’m not there yet. They’re all a bunch of judgmental, toxic Christians. I’m not dealing with that. We’ll see if I ever do.

“Who all knows?”

You, now. 😜 And my besties, obviously. They were wonderful and supportive. ❤️

“Does anything change?”

Nope. My life continues to move forward. It’s just now I can be more vocal 😊

I recently watched an episode of Brooklyn 99 (“Game Night,” season 5, episode 10). Rosa comes out as bi to her parents and they’re unable to deal with it. I totally cried. One, I look like Rosa. Two, I’m bi. Three, this is exactly what everyone who comes out is afraid of – rejection or treated differently. I’m not a leper. Just gay. 🏳️‍🌈

And we’re taking a big risk sharing this part of ourselves with you. Thank you for continuing to love us & for giving us hope in this dark world. ❤️

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