Looking at things another way

God, I love Wicked. I am Elphaba to a T!

I had an interesting experience a few days ago. I was talking with my Beloved (my own Fiyero, if you will πŸ˜‰ ) about some personal things. Namely, things he’s going through. It’s hard to get him to open up. I don’t fault him for that because he’s been through some terrible, terrible experiences. Things you wouldn’t wish on an enemy. 😦

It was good to talk to him, not just because I love him, but to hear his side of things. We’re not fighting or anything but there is some miscommunication or confusion. Some things I feel just in the dark about. I’m really glad we talked & shed some light on these issues. Having a mature, adult relationship means sometimes you have to talk these things out, right? Much to my chagrin. πŸ˜‰

I was amazed to hear how he felt. I’ve been taking things very personally, thinking I had royally fucked up & there was no hope for me. But that isn’t the case at all. Because he loves me, he’s pushing forward & trying to work things out. Again, we’re not fighting. I don’t wanna divulge too much as it is personal. It’s more like we’re trying to see eye to eye. Once we’re on the same page, we’re unstoppable.

It made me think of this line in Wicked. At different times, Elphaba & Fiyero both tell each other, “It’s not lying. It’s looking at things another way.” Seeing things from his perspective has really helped my mental wellbeing. He really does love me. I understand his point of view better & I can be supportive, patient, & kind. I mean, yes, I’m impatient as fuck & want things to be stronger & better NOW. However, I know that he’s trying to get to that point, & because I can see it now, I can take a step back & breathe.Β I know it sounds like common sense, but to me, it feels like a heavy burden is off my back.Β πŸ’š

Progress, right?


7 Replies to “Looking at things another way”

      1. A musical I loved for 12 years. I first saw it on Broadway- all I remember was being with mom and that “Popular” was my favorite song. Despite not having vivid memories, the impact clearly shows. I was 12 when I first saw Wicked.

        I saw Wicked 3 times on tour: The 2nd time was better than the 1st. The 3rd time (2013) was better than the 2nd. The 4th time (2016), the show was better than than the 3rd. Each time I see Wicked, the show just gets better and better. The emotions continue to deepen and mature meaning my vulnerable level increases.

        Wicked- that musical is where I began to understand the emotional and complex side of musicals. My love of musicals was sparked because of Wicked. I am only emotionally attached in Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero especially to Elphaba. Elphaba is my all-time favorite character. Each time I see Wicked, I spend so time paying attention to the friendship and love triangle that I tend to overlook everything else that is happening in Wicked. Those two storylines are my favorite storylines in Wicked.


      2. Elphaba was the first character that I really connected with. I mean, Eponine from Les Mis is up there for me but Elphaba was right on the head for me.

        Best. Musical. EVER!


      3. Wicked was the beginning of me understanding the emotional nature of musical- the core emotions at the time were excitement, joy, love and sad: I thought that was it. “I’m Not That Girl” was a sad song in the beginning and “For Good” I knew had sadness in it.

        Soon enough, another musical would challenge what I knew about musical. Les Mis, by film, showed me TRAGIC musicals exist and that HEARTBREAK is a musical emotion. Turned my love of musicals into a passion. It turned into an obsession.

        People are convinced Les Mis is my favorite musical- well Les Mis/Wicked are technically tied- about the same level. Wicked has some huge bonuses: home to spectacle/dance: it is a huge bonus if you really relate to a character (Elphaba)- I don’t relate to always relate to her.

        One thing I want to say: one part of Les Mis helped with one of one of Elphaba’s songs. I did earlier say “I’m Not That Girl” was just a sad song. “On My Own” took an entire year to change from a sad song to a heartbreaking. Soon enough I connected those two songs- they both were basically share the same root: “On My Own” plus memorizing the lyrics of “I’m Not Girl” made me realize “I’m Not That Girl” is a heartbreaking song in the first place.

        Les Mis and Wicked are strongly meaningful in my life.


  1. Interesting how one character can help you understand another character’s song better. Elphaba- the girl I strongly relate to- there are parts of her I don’t relate to. There is a reason why she is my all-time favorite character.


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