I’m okay

Some of my friends have been concerned with what I’ve been posting. I really appreciate their love but I don’t want them to worry. I want to take a moment to just clarify a few things.

Please understand that I’m okay. It’s just all in my mind. Outside of the rare cut to get a release, I haven’t acted on any of my thoughts. My therapist is fully aware of everything including my hypothetical plans. I’m doing everything I can to get help and to take it one step at a time.

Yes, some days are harder than others but I’m still here. There is something every day that pushes me forward.

It’s actually very simple to me. I’ve told my therapist that I don’t want to die. I just want the pain and chatter to stop. That’s why we’re adjusting my meds.

I’m on the right path. Even if I’m Army crawling it, I’ll eventually get there. ❤️

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