Tonight’s mantra

Here’s what anxiety looks like. A peak into what others like me experience. How I envy you:

Just take a breath.

You’re okay. You’ve made it this far.

You’re safe. You’re in control.

Focus on the facts. Everything is going to be okay.

Get out of your head. Stop thinking worst case scenarios.

Focus on the good.

Think about what you’re gonna do tomorrow.

Picture the smiles. Picture the laughs. Picture the love. Focus on that.

Deep breath in and out.

You’re okay. You can do this.

Go take your meds. You need them and they help you. You didn’t take them last night and we can’t do that. Stop and go take them. No judgment. Just keep moving forward.

You’re okay. Everything is gonna work out for the good.

C’mon, you can do this. Focus on what’s around you. The fuzzy blanket. The warm lamp light. CSI playing on TV.

See? It’s okay.

Take another breath. Don’t get lost in your mind.

5 seconds in. 5 seconds out.

You’re not hungry. Don’t even go down that route.

I know you’re uneasy. I know you’re scared. I know you’re thinking the worst is going to happen.

It’s not. Remember, anxiety lies.

Go grab the therapy putty. Give your hands something to do.

Take another breath. Please.

You’re stronger than this. You’re a fucking tigress.

You’re okay. You’re gonna be okay.

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