I quit

So in the midst of this depressive whirlwind, I had a moment of clarity. It was like everything had led up to this decision & I made the choice that brought me the most peace.

I quit Job #2.

If you’ve been following for a while, you know I’ve had difficulties, more so in the past month or two. I hate that I’ve been there for 9 years yet I have no seniority. I hate that I have to fight against drama & issues where I’m left standing all alone because Boss #2 doesn’t have my back. I hate the manipulation, deceit, & games people play. I hate that I feel like I constantly have to prove myself. I hate bird-dogging to get paid for work I already did.

So, obviously, this has all been building up for a while. Even at recital, I kept saying, “I don’t think I can do this again. This is getting ridiculous.” I love my students & I love my coworkers. I’m friends with some amazing parents. Teaching dance makes me so happy. The issue is the boss & the environment: it’s not healthy. It’s very toxic & infected. I’ve been putting band-aids on for years when I need to cleanse the wound to let it fully heal.

“What happened?”

Well, as per usual, I’m hunting Boss #2 about getting paid. I had figured out my hours & wrote down everything in my log. Of course, since there was nothing from her about my pay, I emailed her my copy & asked when I could get my check (That’s another thing – I’ve been there for damn near a decade & I don’t have a fucking key. That shit annoys me. Newbies have keys but I don’t? What the fuck is up with that?). We’re supposed to be paid on the 10th.

I get a reply around 2230 on the 10th saying my check is in my box at the studio. So already it’s after hours which annoys me. Then her email goes on to say how she thinks my math is wrong (it’s not) & how she can’t afford to pay me what she said she would (which is horseshit) & several other areas that were wrong. All I read were excuses, excuses, excuses. I had worked 35 hours that week on top of my normal 40 hours at my day job. She paid me $147.50. That’s it. Way fucking less than what it should have been.

I. Was. Livid.

I’m not gonna argue & fight for my paycheck yet again. I’m tired of going around & around this mountain with her. She will never think she is wrong. She will continue to take advantage of me unless I stop the cycle.

And so I did.

I wasn’t crying. I wasn’t yelling. I wasn’t anything. I was immediately calm & it just clicked that I am done. I told myself to sleep on it just to really make sure. I woke up & felt even more confident. My mental well-being can’t go through this shit again. I can’t kill myself for someone who doesn’t notice.

She replied that she was “sad” about it but I think she’s more sad about how this affects her business not about losing me. Her email was very, “That sucks but let me know if you need anything!” which was weird to me. She didn’t fight for me. She didn’t even try. She let me go & I’m perfectly fine with that.

That same day, I had accepted a new position at a new studio. So this will become my new Job #2. 🙂 I subbed for LC at Job #3 earlier in the week & I had a blast. I’m very hopeful & excited for Job #2. It seems like a very healthy & happy environment. I’ll get more pay, the classes I want, the days I want, & the ability to help launch their tap program. It’s literally my dream job. ❤

Mazel tov, SC. Mazel tov.


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