Oh, how I love organization, order, & a kick-ass routine!

For the past week or so, I’ve been using this morning & evening routine I created. There’s nothing fancy to it. Just your usual getting ready for the day or for bed but I’ve catered it to my individual needs. I’m starting to hit that sweet spot when I’m falling into a good rhythm with it. 🙂

Besides getting things done that I need to get done, I’m learning that it’s really helping my mental wellbeing. It’s turning into a muscle memory/subconscious type of reaction. I can go through the motions which is brilliant because I’m usually half-asleep. 😉 I don’t have to focus on what’s being done, did I remember to take my meds?, oh shit I forgot about that treatment, etc. I’m naturally flowing from one right to the other.

And since I don’t have to extend a lot of mental energy towards it, I’m finding my internal clock is quickly adjusting. I’m waking up faster in the morning & getting sleepier at night. My body is anticipating the next step & that has been awesome. I can focus on what I have going on that day or settling down to go to sleep.

I’m also working faster. I’m not sure why that is & I’m sure there’s some psychological reason for it. I just know I’m making efficiency & discipline my bitches. 😛


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