I miss you

I had a dream about you last night. It was a wonderful, happy dream. We were laughing, hanging out, & having a great time. I had some pointe production with some coworkers & I did a good job! I was actually quite impressed but I wanted to know how you felt, since your opinion means the world to me. I ran up to you & you were smiling so big with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. You were very proud of me. I held you tight & softly cried on your shoulder. I didn’t want to let go.

But then I woke up & I realized it was just a dream. You’re not here. And just like that, my happiness, my time with you was over. Reality set back in.

I wanted to call you & tell you all about my dream. I wanted to hear your smile. Maybe hear you laugh a little at some of the ridiculousness that happened. Just hear you say my name one more time.

Just once…

But I can’t. All I have are memories & old pictures. I don’t have you.

God, how I wish you were here. More than you’ll ever know. But “wishing only wounds the heart…”

…I’ll always love you…


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