Happy 1st Anniversary

So I’m 2 days late but HAPPY ONE-YEAR!

Just over a year ago, I decided to take my therapist’s advice & write out what’s going on with me. By not letting it stew & fester in my own mind, I believe I’ve made huge strides this past year!


And for your reading pleasure, here are the top 5 posts of this past year:

12 things you should never say to someone (& 5 things you should)
My patience is running out
I’m still here…

I’ve received views from THIRTY-EIGHT COUNTRIES! What?! That’s crazy!

(oh, don’t worry. You could creep & read all day & it doesn’t tell me where exactly. Just the country šŸ˜‰ )

This past year has been one of growth & challenges. I thank you for joining me thus far & I hope you will continue to do so. ā¤

How do you measure in a year in the life? How about LOVE?!

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