Predatory behavior

Whenever I hear about predators, I can’t help but think of this badass:


Although, that’s not quite the imagery I’m going for today but there you have it. 😉

“SC, what the fuck does Zac Efron & Predator have in common?”

Well, for the purposes of today’s post, a lot.

Okay, let me start over:

Since I was a young girl & started to develop little crushes, I’ve been attracted to people who are older than me. It doesn’t matter if they are a month older, a year older, or even a few decades older (looking at you, RDJ). I think it was their experience or maturity that was so sexy to me. Anyway, my point is I can’t think of anyone younger than me that I’m attracted to. Even if they’re adults, like 30-year-old Zac Efron, it feels….weird. It goes against my personal flow. Even if they’re supposed to be eye candy or something. It doesn’t do anything for me.

But hey. That’s me.

I used to have a friend, we’ll call her Tiffany, who doesn’t seem to mind about age. She once said something to me that really rubbed me wrong & has since been seared into my memory. I don’t remember the exact wording but it was something along the lines of her waiting for Zac Efron to be of legal age so she could hypothetically sleep with him. I remember where we were when she told me. She almost said it as if she was anxious for his 18th birthday. She had a few drinks in her so she was feeling honest. This wasn’t a slip of the tongue. She was opening up to me & seeing how I would react.

I, on the other hand, just stared at her & thought, “Did you actually just say what the fuck I thought you said? You’re sexually attracted to a MINOR but it’s okay because he’s turning 18? You’re fucking sick.” I don’t remember how but I do remember that I changed the subject. It reminded me of a local radio station that was doing a disgusting countdown for when the Olsen twins were going to be 18. To me, that’s sick. That’s child molester/pedophile/predatory behavior. Normal people don’t think that way about kids.

I guess we (American society) tend to think of young women being sexualized & ignore the fact it happens to young men as well. I know someone who was sexually assaulted as a young man. People didn’t take him seriously because “guys are supposed to like sex.” No, it was harassment that escalated to assault. Love doesn’t act like that; only lust & violence do.

There’s a whole mindset here that I loathe & I really don’t want to get deep into it right now. Just take a beat here to realize it happens to both sexes & it shouldn’t happen at all. And if it happened to you, I’m terribly sorry. They were 100% wrong & you are the victim here. I don’t know how to fix it but please know there are people like me out there who are trying to fight for you & to be your voice.

I don’t talk to Tiffany anymore for several reasons but that is definitely one of them.



And because I don’t wanna end on a dark note…

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